Ole Bjørn Valen is known for his vibrant and colorful style, often referencing Pop Art as he uses well known people and objects. He paints nature, politics and various institutions of power, often with a surreal twist. In later years he has taken the name “Matrix Valen”.

This is due to his exploration of cultural, social, or political environment in which something develops, which the definition of Matrix itself. Matrix is related to the latin word for “Mother” ( Matrix ), which originally meant pregnant animal or breeding female, and was later generalized to mean “womb”. Today Matrix is a synonym of womb. A place where a seed, by itself – or in the form of an idea, thought or value system – grows and get nurtured. Whether this is a “positive” or “negative” casting spoon for a creation, Valen leaves up to the viewer. The artist is showing us various matrixes as the part of the Ego’s Playground, we all are playing in here on Earth. Judging it, is not his cup of tea. It is observing what is, and could be. Playing with reality and illusions, “fake news” and conspiracy theories.

– Art is an arena free of sensorship. One of the few places left where we can think and express freely. I find that appealing. Some might already have thoughts around certain subjects that I display, others view mindboggling concepts and get surprised. I love to break up matrixes! Both in people’s mind and on the canvas.

Valen’s sources of inspiration stretches from David Hockney and Martin Assig, to Salvador Dali and Edvard Munch. At 14 years of age he had his debut as the youngest member of Skien Art Club, the following year he sold his first painting.


Ole Bjørn Valen has also created his own bewinged little rock dude. A guy with sunglasses, tailored suit and a floss hat, spreading magic with his golden wand. This is “Matrix Valen” in person. He thrives on love, spreads magic and has a total lack of respect for authorities.

“Matrix Valen” lives in an alternate dimension. Sometimes he visits our 3D earth, as depicted in the piece: “Breaking the Matrix”. He is also to be seen in a fully human sized sculpture outside of Valen’s own art gallery, in the coastal town of Kragerø, Norway. “Matrix Valen” greets anyone entering into the muliticoloured and faceted world of Ole Bjørn Valen. A matrix for you to enjoy!