Theatercaféen | Kampen om gullkalven

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Theatercaféen | Kampen om gullkalven


This print is only available in a limited edition of 25 and is part of the Theatercaféen Collection.

Digital print on high quality paper, signed and numbered.

Theatercafeen Collection

Theatercafeen Collection Artist Ole Bjørn Valen has created a total of 13 works where Theatercafeen is the motif.

8 out of 13 works are finished and the artist has been working on the pieces for almost 2 years.

Theatercafeen was established in 1900 and the place is known to be a regular gathering place for central figures from Norwegian art and culture. There are 81 portraits of famous regulars hanging in Theatercafeen. Theatercafeen is also on the New York Times list of the world‘s most famous cafes.

Valen has illustrated Theatercafeen as a motif with famous people from finance, monarchy, culture, and also with famous fictional characters. Here you can find Solan and Ludvig, Wenche Foss, Kjell Inge Røkke and many more. All Norwegians are familiar with Theatercafeen and Valen uses this in his pieces to focus on capitalism, Norwegian fairy tales, Norwegian culture, Edvard Munch, etc., and that in Norway, in contrast to the famous and wealthy, there are beggars and others who live a very different life. Perhaps even wellknown Norwegian people have had their share of storms in their lives. In addition, he tries to capture the Norwegian soul from the fairy tales and bring these into modern Norwegian society.


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