Ole Bjørn Valen

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Dette kunstverket selges av Galleri Valen AS som mellommann i forfatterens navn, og er dermed fritatt for merverdiavgift. Les mer


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68 x 84,5 cm cm og er kun mål på bilde. Ramme og passepartout legger på 17 cm i bredde og høyde.

Detaljer / Beskrivelse

Format: 68 x 84,5 cm


Art Print D.G.A. Digital Graphic Art

Digital print printed on quality paper, signed and numbered.

The Golden Calf is depicted in several of Ole Bjørn Valen’s paintings. It is noticeable inside
the wardrobe of one of Norway’s wealthiest women in the piece “Walk in Closet”. In the
painting “Back Again”, of the legendary fashion creator Karl Lagerfeld ( 1933 – 2019), The
Golden Calf returns to Earth for yet another reincarnation. It is seen outside the Stock
Exchange in Oslo, where it is held in a tight leash by Rockefeller senior and his son. This piece
is named “Dancing around the Golden Calf”.

The origin of The Golden Calf is found in the book of Exodus in the Old testament ( Exodus
32 ). Here Moses leads the Israelites out of Egypt, where they lived and worked as slaves.
They start a journey together, into the desert and the unknown, following Moses. The
journey is filled with mighty wonders of God, protecting and guiding them. Then God calls
Moses for a meeting on the top of Mt. Sinai, and here he spends 40 days and nights,
receiving the written law of God. Smoke and darkness is covering the mountain, and it is
obvious something is going on. Yet the Israelites begin to feel restless, they do not know
whether Moses will return or not. They fear that their leader has abandoned them, and they
decide to gather all the gold they have amongst them. The Israelites melt their gold and turn
it into a Golden Calf. They dance around the Calf and worship it, as an idol, as a stand-in for

Today the Golden Calf is still a symbol for the worship of an idol. Anything we love, think
about, or serve (with our energy and time) can become A Golden Calf in our lives. Mostly it is
linked to possessions of “shiny objects”. Sparkles we strive for, more than an expanded view
of who we truly are at heart.
Some will say this is working out fine. We are creating a diverse reality here on Mother
Earth, constantly evolving with various expressions. Others will say we are lacking an inner
guidance for our creations. A spiritual component, which helps us decide what we view as
valuable. Therefore we run after the Golden Calf, as kids in “ Ego’s Playground”. In “Ego’s
Playground” the toys are so many, and so golden and bright, that we lose track of who we
really are.

Is the Golden Calf in Valen’s paintings a critique of our strive for material goods and
recognition? Or is just as much a confirmation, and a description of the western mindset?
Something we already have created. An image of values woven into the tapestry of our
society. Values taking a shape, a form. Neither good, nor bad. They just are. Existing as just
another proof of our creative power.

Definition EGO: The Ego can be definied as the part of a humanity dealing with roles and
functions in a society. It is connected to the body, and its main function is to survive and stay
safe. The opposite of Ego is often referred to as Spirit. A non-materialistic part of humanity,
much bigger than the body and our tangible world. An immortal part. True, unchangeable
and eternal.